Water Summit

Satellite Links for Clean Monitoring and Controls

A Governor's task force should be able to define ways of using satellite observations of cropland and watershed algal blooms to plot which 'hot spots' need first actions. Then, they can promote municipal and farm satellite connectivity that allows accurate reporting of critical wellhead volumes of usage, and also as a way of initiating the use of smart controls for automated irrigation.


That, is a good means of targeting only 'needed' areas of farmland, with fertilizers, with pesticides, and with herbicides. Ripeness progress for optimal harvests too, then current commodity prices, market tools, and program advantages could be weighed and managed by farmers to eliminate storage waste. And it could even out those price fluctuations. It could stabilize the marketplace while it cleans our water supplies. And problem city lawns and systems could be helped by better current information at the touch of a finger to a phone.



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